Wednesday, December 24, 2003
Star Wars: Jedi Acadamy

Star Wars: Jedi Acadamy, sequel of Jedi Outcast. YOu create your character from choices of race and gender hunam, twilek(female only), rodian(male only), Kel Dor(male only), Zabrak ( female only) .

Total Lightsaber construction from the look of the hilt to the color of the blade(excluding red) . Later on in the story you will need to rebuild a new lightsaber choosing from single blade, double light sabers, or the infamous light sabar staff.

You will also get to choose which force powers to learn weather from light side or dark side or both. There will be a point in the game where you must pick a path to follow.

You start out as a lonely Iniatiate in the jedi acadamy, gainging rank as the story progresses. 

Controls are the same in this game as in jedi outcast plus new combo manuvers with your lightsaber.

Graphics-7/10- a bit smoother feel than outcast.

Sound-7/10- uses scores from the starwars movies and original music for different areas.

Gameplay- 7/10- reminds me of knights of the old republic but with more exploration of levels...but no side quests.

Replay Value-5/10 once you play one side of the force...only the other side

I ranked the scores around average because they could have done better with the game play and story and more option to become light or dark and not just one significant scene.

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Sunday, December 21, 2003
Final Fantasy X-2 Review

Ok So heres my Beginning Review of Final Fantasy X-2.

A brief synopsis of the story. (minor spoiler but nothing to give away any major events)

     For 1000 years, the world of Spira was held in the grip of terror as the great monster Sin punished its citizens for using the forbidden machina in the great wars. To combat Sin, powerful summoners would make a pilgrimage to Zanarkand, the runis of what was once the greatest city in Spira. Able to call and control the devastating manifestations of the fayth, aeons, into battle, these summoners would sacrifice their lives and the life of a chosen guardian, to defeat Sin for a temporaryperiod of time called the "Calm." Unfortunately, the Calm would end and Sin would eventually return, forcing a new summoner to forfeit their life to bring peace to Spira once again.

     The Cycle of life and death continued in Spira for untold generations, until one summoner stood against the teachings of Yevon and sought a new means by which to defeat Sin--permanently. The summoner's name was Yuna, and along with her guardians, went against the order of Yevon and fought enemies on all sides. In a last ditch effort, Yuna and her guardians took on Sin and defeated it forever, bringing forth a time that would be referred to as the "Eternal Calm." Although peace would finally last forever, Yuna was forced to say goodbye to someone whom she cared for very much. The young man named Tidus had been a dream of the faythe, and when the Fayth were defeated during the attack on Sin, their dream faded.

     Yuna thought that the love of her life had vanished alongside the last remaining traces of Sin. But two years later, Rikku appeared in Besaid Village and delivered a sphere found by Kimahari, Yuna's former guardian and the new Elder of the Ronso tribe of Mt. Gagaet. This sphere contained images of a young man who resembled Tidus so closely that Yuna was compelled to leave Besaid and being a new search for more spheres that might lead her closer to the truth.

I am rating this game on a 10 scale in 5 different categories; Sound, Graphics, Gameplay, Plot, and Replay value.

Sound- 6/10- The soundtrack to the game is totally original and with each scene change the music changes to create the appropriate mood for the situation you are in. The reason why i didnt give it a higher rating because the creaters chose a different battle winning theme music. It is an acquired taste  but cannot even compare to the theme we are all accustomed to.

Graphics- 9/10- The graphics are very similar to Final Fantasy X same textures and fludic movements. Although i would rate this games graphics higher than that of Final Fantasy X just because youre main characters are all femail... and you know a guy created the art for the characters because WOW almost as good as the real deal.

Gameplay-9/10- First the Similarities between FFX and FFX2. Same controls allow familiar gameplay. You will be visiting the places you did in FFX and meet the same people only 2 years older. The Differences are what folllows; Square Enix decided to go retro and bring back the "jobs" or the character types back to this game..meaning you can choose which type of character you play it would be black mage, white mage, theif, and so on. Also Square Enix changed back to the old ATB( ACTIVE TIME BAR) to decide when a character is able to make a no more turns in battle..who ever is the fastest will complete their move first. Also there will be points in the game where the decisions you make vastly change the outcome of certain events.

Plot - 10/10- The first real sequel of the Final Fantasy series. It takes place 2 years after Final Fantasy X. This time Yuna isnt on a pilgramage to defeat a powerful advisary but to find the one she loves and finally know the truth.

Replay-10/10- None of the final fantasy games have had this high of a replay value. But in FFX2 when you beat the are able to start the game over with all the abilities you ended with and go through the story again..but choosing different actions to create different twists than the last time.

AS you can see i rated this game to be high...not because its a Final Fantasy game...but because it deserves everything i said and more because it is a fabulous game.

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Yo whats up all? New Blog for me and heres my introduction. Names Fred; pleasure to meet you. In here you will find out things about me. I will not reveal any big secrets or reveal too much of my self because i do not want information that is posted here to be used against me at a later date. This blog is mainly for my game reviews, my hobbies, and whatever bullshit i throw in here. Well after i get a few posts up ill invite you all in to check me out.

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